The hazardous waste generation in the state has increased with the Industrialization and with new industry friendly policies many new industries are likely to be increased contributing to the hazardous waste generation.

Direct co-processing of hazardous waste currently carried out has certain limitations with respect to the cement industries & the proven technology of the waste mix processing shall help the generators and the cement industries to carry out the co-processing in an economic and environment friendly manner. The incinerator also has certain limitations to do with the quantities and management.

There is large quantity of non-hazardous waste being generated in the state, which has a potential to be utilized in Co-processing.

Solid Waste Management may be defined as the discipline associated with the control of generation, collection, storage, transfer and transport, processing and disposal of solid wastes in a manner that is in accord with the best principles of public health, economics, engineering, conservation, aesthetics and other environmental considerations.

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